This is your Brain. This is your brain on Media.

Before we go on, you need to know I am a massive proponent of McLuhan’s “medium is the message” theory. Specifically that as we interact with a medium – we are forever changed.

Our interaction with our Phone is a prime example. In a few short years

  • Wall mounted phone – If you didn’t answer you missed the call
  • Answering machines – Freedom from running to the phone
  • Voice mail – Freedom to check messages anywhere
  • Mobile phones – Freedom to take your phone anywhere
  • Text messaging – Freedom to not use your voice
  • Smartphones – it now has the internet, email, browser, and more
  • Selfies – not as easy with a regular camera
  • No more cheap cameras – every phone now has one
  • No more alarm clocks – your phone does it
  • No more magazine racks in the washroom – your phone keeps you occupied
  • No more public phones booths – everyone has a cell phone
  • Addicted – 4 hours a day addicted

This is just a fraction of how we’ve changed with one single device. I could keep going if I wanted to take the time.

This is where I go off the beaten path a bit

Previously, the debate and arguments come as new technology emerges, there’s a battle with a winner and a loser.

  • Radio killed live music
  • Video killed the radio star
  • The Internet killed newspapers

And all these mediums are still around, struggling maybe, but around. They are mutating. Welcome to the conglomeration of the Internet. Instead of looking at the hot medium of the day as the winner, we should look at something else.

If the medium is the message, our interactions with the medium are telling.

  • Dial to push button
  • Stationary to mobile
  • Custom input to touch
  • Touch to voice

Ya – I bolded that last one. Surprised? This is, people. My whole point is to hammer a message so don’t be shocked when I get there.

  • Dictating text messages
  • The popularity of Podcasting & Audio Books
  • Siri, Alexa, OK Google

Our chosen medium of choice is Yelling loud and clear.